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Caregivers' Workship Using Witness Dolls


In 2000, the results of a random sample telephone survey of over 1000 adults sponsored by the National Family Caregivers Association revealed that more than one-quarter (26.6%) of the sampled population is currently caring for a family member or friend, or had been within the past year.  This trend is predicted to increase as the baby boomer generation ages. 

In this experiential workshop attendees will 1) gain a working definition of art therapy 2) understand the advantages of art therapy versus verbal therapy alone 3) receive the four messages that can promote caregiver self-advocacy  4)  experience an authentic art therapy activity and 5) identify the variety of self-nurturing behaviors symbolized by their own creations of witness dolls.

This popular workshop was recently conducted  at the following meetings:
1. The Annual Korean Academy of Clinical Art Therapy Spring Conference in 2010  Seoul, Korea
 More photographs of this workshop  can be found on the Children's Corner: Art Therapy for Childrens' Professional Facebook Page 
2. The Delta Kappa Gamma International Society of Key Women Educators:  Mu State ( Florida) Convention in 2011, Orlando, Florida


Click on the link below to read a full description of the workshop.



Caregiver Workshop